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  1. Thank you very much for all your help!
  2. cheers for your response.Just noticed in your code where by you created a class, the capital A....is that a must when creating custom classes for links. The universal example styling uses lower cases, a.CheersDazz
  3. thanks for your help.This would apply to all links in my page that don't have an id or class?
  4. Hi pople,I have set my styling for my links like this .listF li a:link {text-decoration:none;color:#319ac2;font-weight:bold;font-size:9pt}.listF li a:visited {text-decoration: none;color:#133643;font-weight:bold;}.listF li a:active {text-decoration: underline;color:#369cc3;font-weight:bold;}.listF li a:hover {text-decoration: underline; color:#303030;font-weight:bold;} when i click on a link all the links change to the visited styling. I'm sure the visited styling shuold appear for that link.here is my html code for the navigation <ul class="listF"> <li><a href="#" title=
  5. Thanks Synook for the confirmation!
  6. Hi KingyI originally thought using <input...type="image" src="../button.jpg" > as a way swapping the default button design as an image was a no no by way of accessibilty and standards.but have just visted w3c regarding this subject and they recommend simply inserting an alt tag.I would only like one button to be an image.cheersDazzclub
  7. Hi guys Is there a way of turning a form button such as submit into an image without using ....type="image" src="../button.jpg" > and <button><img src="..."></button>cheersDarren
  8. Hi people,just thougt i'd post back the outcome and what i settled for.As i had some problems dealing with the input as an array, i thought i would just treat it as a normal input.I didnt think about security as being an issue but its best to be safe so i used preg_match in my codehere is what i ended up using....(i have only used one product in this example)$bS = FALSE;$trimmed = array_map('trim', $_POST);if (preg_match ('/^[A-Z \'.-]{2,20}$/i', $trimmed['bathSafety'])) { $bS = mysqli_real_escape_string ($dbc, $trimmed['bathSafety']); } else { echo '<p class="Error">bath safety check
  9. Hi people,Thanks for your replies.@CloneTrooper9494I used array because I was using checkboxes, all the examples I had read more or less implied that it would be best using arrays when dealing with checkbox values.@justsomeguyI originally wanted the string value to be inserted into the table field but working with checkboxes, tutorials used numerical values, so i was seeing if i could do it like that really, but i thought i would have further trouble retrieving that data and displaying it as a string. i think im going to use this:-------------------------------- //if(isset($_POST['bathSafety']
  10. Hi people,I have a form that features some checkboxes, set up like this---------------------------<input type="checkbox" value="bedroomAndNusery" name="product_interest[]" id="bedroomAndNusery" checked="checked" tabindex="5"/><input type="checkbox" value="bathSafety" name="product_interest[]" id="bathSafety" tabindex="6"/><input type="checkbox" value="feedingSpoon" name="product_interest[]" id="feedingSpoon" tabindex="7"/><input type="checkbox" value="uvSafety" name="product_interest[]" id="uvSafety" tabindex="8"/><input type="checkbox" value="hotWarningLabel" na
  11. Hey guys thanks for the tip. I totally forgot about that, planned to sort it out but got to carried away with the main problem. Cheers again.
  12. Hello,Your right, the code you gave me was close. When I pasted it into my notepad++ and then viewed the page. It worked how I tended it to work, but all that was wrong was that the table itself looked broken. Everything else worked fine.So I looked at your code and started it from scrath. Building it slowly and testing it.the final code looked like this;----------------------------------<cfoutput query="tmax" group="productName"> <b>#productName#</b><br /> <img src="images/thermaxIMG/#productIMG#" title="" alt="" /><br /> <a href="7" >see produc
  13. Hi Skemcin,Totally agree with you on that...I was never aware of this company but I knew of their products, subconsiously as most of their products went under the radar for me. Only once they pointed out examples, it was "Woaw, you guys make this...and that?" Its interesting, thats one thing.Thanks for your positive reply. :)I think I need more help with my friend logic.On the product page, I want to give the user the ability to view more data by simply using a javascript function, Show/Hide or toggle is how they are name this script.Im choosing this because if i opted to show all the data, th
  14. Hi,ive got a problem, that i think the javascript "toggle" could hopefully sort out.ive got a page that displays several products and its details (server side language, coldfusion). However, i would like to give the user the option to view product info if they want, so in fact its hiding alot of spec details.you can see hereThe red box is the part i want to be able to open and close (this box will contain quite alot of data)i found the toggle script , that in theory could work but ive never touched js at all, so i wouldnt know where to start. i think the probelm could be that the script uses
  15. Hi Skemcin,hahaha , "SQL hat on", i could just imagin it..Thanks for that, worked perfectly. So really my problem was applying logic to laying out the cfoutput tags correctly.lol @ coors...yeah we are...in regards to me...I worked 3 months in the glenview office then relocated to england.Thanks for all your help.
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