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  1. Hi everyoneIs XHTML Modules useful nowadays or it will be in the future versions?
  2. Hi lokanThis code is too complex for a person who don't understand asp. I can give you simple explanations... If you know something about server scripting, you already know this, but if you don't, I'll tell you. First of all, ASP is executed at the server, after web server receive an http request, ASP dll try to read and execute the commands in the called page . At the top of the code is there a directive "INCLUDE". When ASP read this, the page referred there will be expanded. It will cause that the main page and the referred page is going to read as the same code.ASP is a technology wich can
  3. Thanks for your help guys. See you.
  4. I made a simple XHTML page with XHTML strict DTD. In this page, I have put force some XHTML erros, like unclosed tags, attributes without quotes. When I open this page in a browser like IE or Firefox, they doesn't show any errors. Is it ok?? If it is, what are the porpose of XHTML validation?
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