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  1. thanks for a prompt reply.this gives me a focus to work on. I hope that I will solve it on my own but I also hope I can come back with additional questions if necessary.thanks again
  2. Thanks for a reply. At the risk of sounding really stupid, I'd like to continue to pursue my question.REGARDING THE VARIABLE "A":-- My thinking was to declare the variable "a" so that I could assign it a SQL query. From your syntax comment, is the way I declared it incorrect? I was confident that I could declare a variable by simply saying DIM.-- Was there an issue with the query string itself? I see now that it doesn't get used so I now recognize that problem. Is that all or is there more to this?OTHER ISSUES:once I work out how to emply the query string into the logic, is the rest of th
  3. Hi Again,I'm creating a web site and from it I am trying to update an MS SQL datatable (table name=main) from within the ASP code in the webpage. I have the following which isn't working. Can you help?<%Dim cDim rDim aSet c = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")Set r = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")c.Open "DSN=btab;UID=XXX;PWD=XXXX;Database=bsql"Dim protocol, startdate, customerDim da="Insert into bsql.main (protocol, startdate, customer) values(request("protocol"),request("startdate"),request("customer") )"r.Open "main", c, 1, 3r.AddNewr("protocol") = request.form("protocol")r
  4. PERFECT !I included the variable loop counter into the name as you suggested....works perfectly.Can't wait to see what other hurdles await.THANK YOU.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions.The hidden fields did the trick to carry over the values.I have to work on the transfer of data from the form to the DB. It's not so much the code to do the actual transfer. It is more how to handle the variable amounts and multiple fields. The table of data is being dynamically generated using ASP code. So the table's first row of fields (time, temp, date) have the same names as the fields in the second row (also called time, temp and date). Now that I can carry the number of rows into the maketable.asp page, I can construct a loop. But I am puzzled as to how
  6. Hi All,Looking for suggestions on how to proceed with the following......On main.html, there is a form with multiple inputs, one of which asks for "how many datapoints". The form's action is to a page called maketable.asp. On maketable.asp, a table is constructed whose number of rows corresponds to the number of datapoints entered on the main.html page. I now need to transfer the data entered in the table on the maketable.asp page into a SQL Server DB.My 2 questions are:1. Is there a way to save or store the "number of datapoints". It appears that once the value is transferred to the make
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