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    buiding website, avid reader, drawings, make homemade cards
  1. linden

    Slide Show

    Hi, I bought a software called, "SlideShow Expressions. I saved all my pics on my desktop and I called it "archived.ssp (slideshowproject). My question is how do I put that file on my website? Any help appreciated. Marla Moore
  2. linden

    photo gallery

    First of all my new website is not upload on the internet yet. I clicked on file on the internet to take a peek at my work to see if my photo gallery are moving to one image to another image. It is not working. Do you think it is because it is not upload onto to the internet? thank you,MarlaMy email is: mmoore88@cogeco.ca
  3. Hi Samuel,Thank you for your reply. It did not work. Something to do with d. on the first line.Marla
  4. Hi,I have found a lot of javascript to put a time on my website. A lot of them are an army clock which I do not want. I want a normal clock for example 11:08 PM. Can anybody provide me the script for this. I appreciated it.Thank you,Marla
  5. linden

    CSS & HTML

    Thank you,I took off the <div id="navcontainer"> that has no closing tag and it works. Thank you so much. Can I use you if I have another problems?
  6. linden

    CSS & HTML

    thank you,I should have copy my code that I have typed up. I typed in display:block and still not working. I know I did mine diffrently.mmoore88@cogeco.ca#navcontiner ul{text-align:center;margin-left: 0;padding-left: 0;background:#862419;float:left;width:100%;font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;}#navcontainer ul li {display:block;}#navcontainer a {display:block;float:left;padding: .1em 1em;text-decoration:none;color:white;background:#862419;border-right: 1px solid #fff;}#navcontainer ul li a:hover{display:blockcolor:#862419;background:#d59d46;}</style></head><body><
  7. linden

    CSS & HTML

    I am having a problem with href link. I did href link using <ul> <li> for my navigation bar menu and it did okay, but when I tried to put href link on the image in table the image mimic the navigation bar menu which I do not want. Please tell me how to fix that.thank youdesperate lady
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