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  1. Not a happy bunny at the mo!I'm building a site that is using xhtml, tryin to fit the standards n all that, but I cant seem to align any tables or divs to the centre of my page so that when the browser window changes size, the table stays in the exact centre of the page....How the heck do I do this without the align="centre" attribute??This is gettin on my nerves now... Please will someone help me??John.
  2. Hi there.... I need to ask a question that I'm sure other people are wondering...When are the Mozilla specific elements going to be introduced as standard into CSS. I use Mozilla Firefox now instead of IE (for obvious reasons) and am designing a company website. Specifically the -moz-border-radius attribute is really usefull to save my pages having loads of small rounded corner gifs all over the place. If no one knows... the -moz-border-radius attribute lets you round the corners of any tag that uses the border attribute, it is extremely usefull and really needs to be introduced into CSS as st
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