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  1. I am trying to complete what seems like a very simple example project on MSDN to learn how to use Profile Properties that are set up in the web.config file for an ASP.Net/C# project. Here is the link to the MSDN page:MSDN Profile Properties walkthrough I followed the C# steps on this page for the first simple project up to "To test the PostalCode property". I am getting the error below when I run/debug. I am using Visual Studio. I also have SQL Server. I copied/pasted the code. I am getting a server error listed at the end of this post. If I am reading the MS web page correctly, the first simp
  2. Thank you for the replies and for the MSDN reference. I will read more. K
  3. I am going through a book on C# and ASP.Net.I ran across a statement that I don't quite understand.The book does not explain it.From the context I am assuming that it is an "if" statement. Here it is: shippingRegion = (profile.ShippingRegion == null || profile.ShippingRegion == "" ? "1" : profile.ShippingRegion); Here is the code around it: ProfileCommon profile = HttpContext.Current.Profile as ProfileCommon; address1 = profile.Address1; address2 = profile.Address2; city = profile.City; region = profile.Region; postalCode = profile.PostalCode; country = profile.Country;> ship
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