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  1. OMG!!!That did it. Awesome. Thank you so much. I appreciate all of your help. As I continue to grow in my web design skills, I will try to be a positive contributor to the many boards on W3.
  2. I checked that out. I went into my laptop, IE6 and on my home pc, IE7 and set them all to custom. I then went in and told it to accept every Active X option and not to prompt for anything. I still get the same thing.I can't shake the feeling that this has something to do with my flash show or something that I did wrong but that is what flash 8 is generating.Could it have something to do with the fact that I'm running them localy off my hdd and not a web server?And here's another thing. When I publish my flash content, it also generated a .html file of my slideshow. When I open that in IE,
  3. Hello.Well, this problem has really been giving me a hard time for the past 3 days. Here it is...I'm using Dreamweaver 8 to hand code a site and then using Flash 8 Pro to build a basic flash photo slide show and have it imported into the home page. That's it.Problem:It works in every browser except for IE 6 & 7. Whenever I try to test the file localy, I get that yellow bar at near the top of the browser that warns me about Active X control. I then have to click it and allow the blocked content which in turn causes IE to ask me again if I'm sure. After all of this, the flash works just
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