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  1. Hello,I need to compare two numbers from separate parts (different tables) of the DB. If the numbers are not equal, I need to send a Message box with a button in it to create new record in the one of the tables.Here is the code I has so far...but it needs some work.Private Sub Command152_Click() On Error GoTo Command152_Click_Err If State = "AZ" ThenDoCmd.OpenForm "AZ Fees & Costs" 'open FormDoCmd.RunMacro "Find_on_click_TS2" 'search for a_ TS#\(ID#) and bring up the infoElseIf "Form.AZ Fees & Costs.TS" <> "Macroload.Find_on_click_TS2" Then MsgBox "No Fees &
  2. I need to find a way to create a one click button that will select the current record on an access 2007 form and mail merge it with a predefined word 2007 document. we have thousands of records so making sure we get the right one to merge is very important.From looking around online, I can tell you that I cannot use bookmarks or anything of that sort. It has to be mail merge-able due to the fact that that is how all of our word doc's are already set up. I can't copy it to a word table or excel sheet because we constantly have people in our DB adding to it.Any help would be greatly appreciate
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