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  1. Hello there. I'm just wondering, how could I achieve this kind of design. http://webdevelopment.com.ba/images/1HTMLtemplate.jpg.The top seems cut.. How to do this? I'm just a beginner
  2. I have a form that is being validated using PHP server side scripting. To show multiple errors, I store it in an array and used foreach to loop through the values and echo it for dislay. I thought i'm finished using PHP validation but I noticed that everytime I submit the form, even though it still contains some errors, all of the values that were inputted resets. Why? When I used javascript, the values remains so whats with PHP? The form's action is also to itself.
  3. I know that there are lots of tutorials out there how to do this. Almost all of it suggests to check each element like this. if(document.form.radio[0].checked == false && document.form.radio[1].checked == false){//code} The above code works just fine but I preferred loop instead like this. for(i++; i <= document.form.radio.length; i++){if (document.form.radio[i].checked == false){//code}} The loop I used works but I'm not comfortable with it. Why? The code inside the if statement runs multiple times depending on the length of the radiobutton. So if I have three radio buttons, th
  4. I think it was caused by the isset function around it. It looks to me that I'm double checking it by using the isset function and empty function, that's why it didn't work.I solved it by removing the isset function.Thanks!
  5. How could I validate a checkbox and radiobutton input using PHP? I wish to display a message if there's no selected value from checkbox or radiobutton. I tried this for my checkbox. $check = $_POST["checkbox"]; if(empty($check)) { echo "You need to select at least one from the checkboxes"; } But this doesn't work.
  6. Hello there. This is my first post here in w3school's forum and would like to take this opportunity to say THANKS FOR EVERYTHING because you made me who I am today. :)I'm having a great time reading and trying out the tutorials but there are a couple of things that doesn't seem right or confusing in PHP.The first I noticed was the PHP do..while loop tutorial. The description says "The example below defines a loop that starts with i=1. It will then increment i with 1, and write some output. Then the condition is checked, and the loop will continue to run as long as i is less than, or equal to 5
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