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  1. Damn, I guess 32 hours straight awake effect was kicked in and didn't know what I read. Sorry. I'll see how that works.
  2. I can't just set to the specific height because that child element is intended to fill with search result based on criteria provided by the user. So it may contain no result or 40 at most(limit). The problem with the (overflow: visible) is that, it doesn't work gracefully with background. In firefox, container element stay at fix height when those overflow contents go past it's boundary. In IE, it does expand but two div sections at each inner side of centered <body> element which serve as shadow are not being repeated anymore.This one is pic of firefox.This one is IE.
  3. Is it possible to set attributes of container element so that it expands automatically to accommodate the child element it contains when that child element is populated to the point that it's height becomes greater than that of it's parent? If I use overflow attribute in this situation, it would show scrollbar which I don't want. Can it be solved by CSS or is it in Java terrority?
  4. Thanks for the replies guys.cheers
  5. Thant's an interesting read. I always thought margin attribute is like that of word documents - defines distance from the container's edge to the contents. Anyway, like I said in earlier post, don't know why, but margin does the trick when I remove the high attribute of the child.
  6. Ya that's what I meant. Instead of moving just the child elements, it moves the whole container. Anyway, I found the root cause; it was height attributes that I set on both the parent and the child. When I eliminate the height attribute of the chlid, the margin works as it should.
  7. Padding does work. I'm just curious why margin setting doesn't act like it supposed to be. I mean it suppose to adjust the distance from the one edge of parent element to child one; not the distance between same level elements. Now, it's like a padding and move the parent element to set distance.
  8. Why is div element moved when I change margin-top? I have this div element that has some texts in it. I wanted to change the top margin so that those texts are shown at the desire position. The problem is that the whole div element move when I set it. Is there any way to adjust the margin without moving the whole element?
  9. ^^ Sorry for my late reply. Thanks a lot
  10. can u explain what do u mean by different?thanks for the code.
  11. I tried that already. didnt work.
  12. Its not my service. I'm trying to use other's which is dictionary. thanks for ur response.
  13. I've been trying to access funtion from particular soap server using above code with no luck. I still can't overcome this error. this is the function list which i got through __getFunctions the one in bold is the function which i'm trying to use. can anyone point out my mistake? thanks in advance
  14. Hi all,I would like to create a web page with plain client-side only JavaScript code that accesses web service from different domain.I've been googling these days and found some learning materials. But those are mainly focused on using web service within same domain which is no use for me. I need to access external web services on external servers, and I want to do it all from client-side JavaScript. I would apprecite if anyone can recommend me some useful web resources.Cheers
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