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  1. using css to align center: <div [b]style="text-align:center;"[/b]><input type="submit" value="Submit"></div> using html tags to align center: [b]<center>[/b]<input type="submit" value="Submit">[b]</center>[/b] to change the style of the submit button: <input type="submit" value="Submit" [b]style="color:red;...or whatever you want"[/b]>
  2. I don't like the use of the colors but I REALY LIKE the tools and functionality, I just bookmarked it. cheers!
  3. I like the way the colors go together and it looks very professional.But I think you should put an html version of your resume, just in case the viewer does not have pdf plugins.
  4. is your include path correct? $page="/Projects/Posts/Test.php"; if the Projects folder is in the same folder as your php script thennotice the leading slash in your path //if the Projects folder is in the same folder as your php script//it should be like this$page="Projects/Posts/Test.php";//and NOT like this//this is WRONG$page="/Projects/Posts/Test.php";
  5. I think you are using a string data type for your values. If you are then you must parse it to an integer first before sorting the values.
  6. try this linkhttp://www.dmaxonline.com/web/
  7. visit: http://www.lovesickonline.com/100% DHTML
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