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  1. Hi,I have a CSV output file, where in it has empty lines at the end of the file, I want to remove these empty lines, Can some one pls help on this, as how to remove these empty lines by using Xquery/XSLT.sample file:20110706,GGG,LMM,Q,POT,O20110708,AAA,OPP,P,MAT20110715,BBB,TTT,O,TIN// empty linesThanks..
  2. sorry not clear, in which tool you are saying? can you pls give a sample of it??
  3. Hi, Can you pls help how to retrive only the distinct values from an xml file using xslt/xquery 1.0?<Main> <element1>table</element1> <element2>chair</element2> <element3 newattr1="samsung">cooler1</element3> <element4 new attr1="whirlpool">cooler2</element4> <element1>table</element1> <element2>chair</element2> <element3 newattr1="samsung">cooler1</element3> <element4 new attr1="whirlpool">cooler2</ele
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