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  1. The process should be performed automatically, since I'm only showing part of the txt file ( the complete file has a lot of code similar to what I present.I don't know what is used to convert the file to the format that I present due that this is a proprietary software. In terms of the software available that I could use, I'm open to suggestion. I have experienced with C++ and visual basic, but if there is a more easy way I will use it
  2. I have a txt file that was exported from a system, this file is following a structure form. I would like to convert this file into xml format in order to do a report. An example of the file is described below. STEP NAME="LAST_STEP" { RECTANGLE= { X=945 Y=372 H=40 W=100 } ACTION NAME="A1" { DESCRIPTION="Step msg" ACTION_TYPE=ASSIGN QUALIFIER=P EXPRESSION="'^/MSG.CV' := ""Calc Complete. Press Start to Transfer.""" DELAY_TIME=0 } ACTION NAME="A3" { DESCRIPTION="Enable Subordinate Failures" ACTION_TYPE=ASSIGN
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