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  1. Thanks all the css literati I was having the same prob. glad I read this post.
  2. Thank you! will give it a try and update if it is still a prob will go & paste code.G
  3. I have three columns and a footer, the footer property is set at clear: both;but it only works on two of the columns, the left and center column. So the right floated set of div is not cleared by the footer.I have searched http://www.w3schools.com for a way around it. Can't find it. Any suggestions please?thanksG
  4. what is a good way to stack more than one div on top of each other.for example the left column has three div one on top of the other, midle column has three and right most column four?I tried putting the three in the left column in an other container div & floating left, worked. But it placed a div I had floating right & top, to floating right and bottom.All this divs are in a wrapper div as well.thank yougray
  5. Very well I stand corrected will use only /* */ in css from now on :-) Thanksd
  6. Wow...!dsonesuk you got it! Thank you will study, memorize and review your code and info. Thank you for the assist!ShadowMage (sorry i thought the name was dweller, must have just speed read that block) I have read in various books different opinions on the // vs /* */ one writer recommended using only // per line. others say for blocks of texts it is ok to use /* at the start and */ at the end.As far as I can tell it seems to work either way.Thank you both for your time and looking at my questionD
  7. Sure thank you for taking the time to look at it & replying. I think removing the absolute from the a:hover properties in css might work. but it also removes the column effect. <div id = box1><ul id=list1><li><a href>1399 </a></li><li><a href>1499 </a></li><li><a href>1599 </a></li><li><a href>1699 </a></li><li><a href>1799 </a></li><li><a href>1899 </a></li></ul></div> css body {height:100%; position:relative;} a:link {tex
  8. So far the z setting does't work w/the hover properties. Also can't figure out why but if you folks take a look at the attached image when I roll over the links, one of the number disappears. it should read 1399 1499 1599 1699 1799 but some of the dates in this case the 1699 vanished. i see nothing in the code that could cause this?
  9. Thanks Dweller will try it out.
  10. Hi, I want the hover background to use the entire length of the body of the document. so when the user's mouse hover over one of the link the background hover will be the width of the link(give or take) but run for the length of the background. Got that so far. but the hover background is covering up the text and images below the link. Partially solved that by changing the opacity. But was wondering if there was a way to set it so the hover column would appear below the other elements in the body.
  11. Actually (& sorry to keep adding to this instead of all in one message) I see my hover column is covering the rest of the texts and divs below the links.Any suggestions on how I can make it appear behind them? should I sent a negative z position?
  12. & need to change the transparency of the hover column. any hints for that, or tips on how to make it cooler let me know please.
  13. Wanted to post that I am closer to my solutiong. tried the code below & it is working. Still thank you dsonesuk could not have done w/out you pointing me in the right direction.Now I need to find a way to animate it some more. a:hover{position:absolute;background-color:blue;min-height:100%;max-width: 70px;//top:0;//left:0;//right:0;//bottom:0;}
  14. Wow...Thank you dsonesuk that gave me a really interesting and unexpected effect. actually I had several inline links and wanted the bar to go from link to link. Didn't think to mention because didn't think it would matter.With your method & using a:hover the various links change while the red bars remain on the first one. But you can see the number change when you scroll on the others. So that was interesting. will play w/that some more. <li><a href>1399 </a></li><li><a href>1499 </a></li><li><a href>1599 </a></li>a
  15. how do i size a link so when the mouse rolls over it creates a background column for the length of the page? Tried: <li><a href>1399 </a></li> a:hover{background-color:yellow;background-height: auto;} also tried w/a px value but not use. Saw the effect on a website & wanted to try & recreate it. ( Nope can't find the link I used or i'd ckeck the page source )thank you
  16. Thanks Fox will go & try it out. I put the css question in the css forums.
  17. i was looking at this code. http://www.webtoolkit.info/javascript-drag-and-drop.html but how do I attach this method to my <div id=mvBox class=mvBox onMouseDown="mouse_down(event,'DragHandler')"onMouseUp="mouse_up()"></div>
  18. I have partially solved the problem by giving box 3 an absolute position.clear:both;I chose lenght: auto; and now it runs over box 4 & 5 at the bottom. As both boxes have clear:both; I am surprised.Any way I can fix that?thanks
  19. Hello put this post for a js answer but I also have a css qustion.why can't I get box three to line up under the header box, next to the two stacked on top of each other boxes?this is my html code I removed the js stuff.thank you all. <!DOCTYPE HTML><html lang="en"><head><meta charset="UTF-8"><title>Fill Shapes Example</title></head><body onMouseMove="mouser(event);"><div id="wrapper"><div id="header"> </div></div><div id = box2>box2</div><!-- Unless canvas size is specified default size is 300 w x 150 h --
  20. will keep trying. Say can you suggest how to fix box 3 not aliging next to the tow center block and under the header?Thxpdx
  21. Hello Fox, thank you for replying.That is the the thing that is driving me nuts. I am a beginner but everything seems ok. triple checked the syntax. It is not working.I have not uploaded it anywhere it is on my laptop at work.Or if you can suggest a better way to drag & drop it or point me to a simple (very simple) tutorial? I just want to click on that box and drag it around then let go. later I'll get to the next problem.
  22. very short code, grabbed it from the net and was trying to learn it. very simple workout page. No matter what I try I can not get box4 to fall under the box1 at the top and next to two center panels. Tried all alignments I could think of. My primary frustration is the code for dragging the red square w/the id =mvBox should work but does not. Have gone over it several times and can not find the error. I put some code to track the mouse to try & debug and alert box to make sure the ball.js script source was correctly linking up. I read the code over several times. I see no errors. Thank you
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