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  1. I assume this is the right place to ask this. I need to make a link in my HTML page to an ASPX page. I am doing the following <a href="Page.aspx"> </a> The link is an image so assume that between the <a>'s there is a <img>. Also all pages are currently local in my computer since I have yet to put them on the servers, so the href actually contains the path to the aspx page I'm trying to link. I click the link and it does nothing, not even loading. Is there anything special I need to do to redirect to an aspx page in html?
  2. plasmy

    Text In Border

    I want to take a tag in html and add a text to a border. Example -----Text Here-------------------| __________ || __________ |------------------------------------ I want to know how to put the "Text Here". Any suggestions?
  3. I am making a project using ASP. It is a simple project that extracts data from SQL 6.5 through a query and then displays it. But the catch is that it is supposed to be displayed in a tool called a Pivot Table and use Pivot Charts. This Pivot Table is like using Excel, but in a webpage. I have been using this tool: http://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/Controls/ASP/Pivot_Grid/ It is a very good tool and it almost meets all of the expectations. Almost, because the only problem it has is that it loads the data every time I make a change to the table. You see, my program extracts the field f
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