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  1. I have a new blog where i plan tutoring in web languages like html,javascript php etc. something similar to my mentor site,w3schools.But i'm confused as to how i'll structure the entire site.Simply put,my blog is powered by blogger and i was wondering if it'll be better to have different sub-domains for the different courses.something like html.tutorholic.com, java.tutorholic.com etc. Or is it still better to have all in the parent domain and have my users subscribe to all courses.I asked, what if a user is only interested in php and html and not javascript and java.I dont wanna be bugging them with mails relating to what they dont need.i jst want him to get mails on html and php. Do you think tutorial sites shouldnt have email subscription forms like w3schools or What do you think?
  2. That's right or you can also use setTimeInterval
  3. I think class is a javascript keyword.It cannot be used as variable names
  4. Use ajax to load the path of the images from the database and then set and display them on the client side using javascript
  5. Hi everyone.you can call me tutorholic
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