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    As in What?A Standalone? Invisionfree is one of the most used for Invision power Boards.You can have both of those...
  2. ahh, disrecard that end bit on my last Post...I understand now .I downloaded HTML-Kit the other day (stupid thing can't convert to XHTML, even though it says it can) That said, it only misses the Doctype.I'm able to code it my self, Just may take a whil....My head went Boom when i was learning Macro's for MSword :)Speaking of HTML-Kit, is there a Better programe that converts HTML to XHTML?
  3. OK, Here is what i've got, I think you will understand what i'm aiming for once you see it a bit better.Screen ShotAs you can see, It's rather, well, Full, with out having things in it .The part with Content will be where i put things, I want the Gray "Middle" Bit to "Follow" that Down the page, Just becouse I do, It will not do anything, just for looks. So, A: Is this able to be Put into Xhtml, and get the effect i want?and B: What do you think about it? (This isn't relly directed to any one person)EDIT: Just read Dan's Post.I understood that, But just for the people who didn't, Could you say
  4. So this can't be done in xhtml?
  5. The thing is, Making the cell a set height will force it to stay at that height, correct?Like If I put some thing in the cell next to it that gose beyond say 100px, will the cell(The one with the table) change?ExampleVisual Aid :)Table 1, Cell A Changes height depending on what gose in there, Meaning No Set Height. Table 2, Cell A Changes depending on what gose in to Table 1, Cell A. (So it matches the height)Get what i'm meaning?And Advanced CSS? There is Advanced Css...And i'm not anywhere close to compleatly understanding Css as it is.
  6. OK, I'm trying to get one table to be the same height as the cell it's in, and it dosn't seem to be working with 100% as a hight attrabute, in both the css and the main page.Could anyone tell me how to make a table cented on the page using XHTML, either in the document it self or in the css. I've got it currantly in the CSS but it dosn't work in Firefox, only IE...Which is a very odd thing Considering IE.Any help? Also why dosn't XHTML like (height="100%")? Ran it through the validator and it dosn't like it..."there is no attribute "height""
  7. Dirx


    I've got a really odd problem with my tables.I've got a table with two Columns, in the secound Column, i have another table with one cell.I've made that table's height 100% so that it will expand as i put things in to the First Column,but it dosn't go to 100% it just stays there.It's worked before, but it's not now, and i can't remeber what i did that made it stop working.sorry about not giving the code and all that, I am very paranoid about people stealing my ideas.EDIT: Never Mind...Got it to work...Oddly enough i just had to press enter a few times, and then Delete them... HTML, and CSS ha
  8. I was using that as an Example, Thats from W3Schools CSS Background Colour lession thing.But now a question about colour...If i say black and put the hex code as #FFFFFF, what would show up? (#FFFFFF is white isn't it...?)
  9. from inputtingp {background: #00ff00;} So if i have a warning, the coding is still valid, just not playing well with the validator?I used another CSS Validator, and got another Warning, had something with the colour, not being the colour and should have something else...I have noe clue...I'll try and find the url later...Thanks for the Help BTW.
  10. First of, I'm a CSS Newbie...So anyway, I've got a CSS, and I've ran it through W3C's CSS Vaildator, and got a heap of warnings (have no clue what those warnings mean) something about not having a Colour...(I did put colour as Color) and so i went to w3schools, to see whats going and to see if my css is more or less following the examples...it is, so i copy/pasted p{ background-color: #00ff00} In put that in to the W3C's CSS Vaildator, and got the same warnings....So, err....Help? I have no clue whats this means... Or is it something that i should ignore?And again, Please be Kind, I am a New
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