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  1. Thanks for the PHP email thing. And how would I go about making a server script (what language would I need to make it in?)
  2. Ok, so I have 2 questions for the community.1. Is there a way to create a HTML form that will send an email to the MAILTO: recipient, but have the browser NOT auto-open the email app? I mean, after I hit submit, I would rather see a confirmation page that the email was sent rather than have an email app open. Any way to do that without using a third party form?2. Along a similar line with HTML forms, I wanted to know if I could make a form with different options (a dropdown box.) But I wanted to see if there was a way to email a different email address based on the option chosen? I'm sure it might require some Javascript (maybe) but I'm not sure.Thanks for any responses.
  3. First time using this :D

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