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  1. I'm looking to redo a form I have on my website. Currently the forms allows for users to select each separate category, and then when they click the value directs them to a url value in that category: Excerpt for current form: <form name="miscellaneous"><center> <select name="menu" class="airplanefoodsearch"> <optionvalue="/images/lounge-food/">AIRLINE LOUNGE FOOD</option> <optionvalue="/images/amenity-kits/">AMENITY KITS</option> <optionvalue="/images/air/cabins/">CABIN INTERIORS</option> </select> <input value=""onclick="location=document.miscellaneous.menu.options[document.miscellaneous.menu.selectedIndex].value;"type="button"> </center> </form> ********************This form works fine for users to browse each category. But now instead I would like to change the form to a search form. and this is what I came up with: <form name="search" method="get"action="/images/page/search/" ><center> <select name="airline" class="airplanefoodsearch"> <option"united">UNITED AIRLINES</option> <optionvalue="delta/">DELTA AIRLINES</option> </select> <select name="menu" class="airplanefoodsearch"> <optionvalue="lounge">AIRLINE LOUNGE FOOD</option> <optionvalue="amenitykits">AMENITY KITS</option> </select> <input type="submit" value="Submit" /> </center> </form> The issue is that when directed to the search url it adds extra characters= ? & etc. Is there anyway to tell the form, when you hit submit to go to: images/page/search/united+menu rather than: images/page/search/?=united&menu Because my search engine does not recognize any other characters other than the word, space, or the "+" sign. Any help or guidance is appreciated. I'm a newbie so please be nice.
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