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  1. Very nice! Removed the menu's and added menu items to the home menu, that works! Thanks dsonesuk!
  2. The module positions for this template can be seen in this manual, I tried another version of the same template, didn't help. Checked the setup of the menu modules and they are exactly configured like the manual shows. Still they remain vertical. Removing "display:block;" and writing "display:inline;" lines in the code doesn't make a differenca whatsoever, so I guess the problem is not in the moomenuh.css file but somewhere else.
  3. Hi,I am new to Joomla, and just getting started with html and css code.I have been reading for over a day now about how to change a vertical menu to a horizontal menu. I have used the css code "display:inline;" and removed the "display:block;" according to the instructions that I found on the web, but it didn't work.Joomla version 1.5.23Template: joomla 18 http://www.joomspirit.com/vmchk/free-joomla-1.5-templates/template-joomspirit_18.htmlwebsite: http://www.mvseahorse.nl (I want to make the menu at the top horizontal)As far as I can see the css code that has to be changed is in the moomenuh.
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