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  1. Ingolme, Thank you for your prompt reply. I'm sorry this thank you took so long. This problem was maddening, though I was begining to suggect it was dependant on some undocumented browser feature. I have been studing the CSS sprites and am working on converting my current projects over. I did want to note that this code does work in firefox, and it does so without causing an "object expected" error. IE and Firefox are the onle browsers I have tested it in. Thanks again.Ross
  2. I am an experienced programmer but new to web apps including Javascript. An instructor gave our class the code needed to create rollover button effects: In the PAGE HEADER: <head> | | <!-- Following script required for Navigation Bar --> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- navImage0 = newImage(); navImage1 = newImage(); navImage2 = newImage(); navImage3 = newImage(); navImage4 = newImage(); navImage5 = newImage(); navImage6 = newImage(); //--> </script> | |</head> On the IMAGE/LINK: <body> |
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