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  1. Please keep your prejucides for yourself. Thank you for the example. When I tried it, it did work, strangely, I have no idea with I did wrong when I was trying to implement it in my own code. I use the latest stable Google Chrome and I have a valid HTML 5 and CSS 3 markup.
  2. As far as I am concerned from testing, siblings can not control each other, only a parent can control its children. But do feel free to prove my wrong by provinding a fully coded example where a sibling controls another sibling.
  3. Tried to play around with it for several hours, your suggestion did not work.
  4. Well, it did not really work out, the result is the same.
  5. How can I do this? <div id="first">First Div</div><div id="second">Second Div</div> #second {opacity: 0;visibility: hidden;} Now I would like to have it so that when somebody hovers over the first div, that the second one will appear. I have been trying for hours with no solution.
  6. I tried out different measurements and looked up the best measurement to use, but I have not really found out any fitting solution. I will continue to try using the em unit to make it fit on mobile devices.
  7. If I apply a percentage to the background size, it remains the same all the time, yet, I have not found how to make it perfect when using percentages. The thing is, my background is a repeating noisy texture. If it is zoomed in on it looks very ugly and pixels become visible obviously. As for the text size, it looks fine on desktop browsers, but on mobile phones they are overly large, yet my website design adjusts just fine due to the fact I specified everything with percentages, just the text remains problematic. How can I rethink my design to make the text look both good on mobile phones and
  8. I recommend you to try a bit for yourself before you ask other people to modify your website for you. Everything can be found in the CSS file when it comes down to design definitions. 1) template.css .module-redbg {background:#e76778;} 2) style="display: block; margin-left: 25%;" Also, this is not the fastest template available, nor is it free from bloat. On first sight, I would say this is your average kind of template. The only way to not have bloat is to really do your own website from ground up. Sure it might be frustrating at first, but once you have done your own website, it will only
  9. I have a few issues with my website at the moment. Whenever people use browser zoom on my website, the background zooms along, while the background has to always stay the same. body {background-image: url(background.jpg);} And beside this, how would it be possible to make the font automatically adjust in size towards the size of the browser window? I currently draw most of the things on my website with CSS3 code. I give them percentage values so they automatically size along, this all goes well. However, if I give font a percentage value, it does not really do the same.
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