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  1. Unfrotunately I think that I didn't understand u clearly... This is what I do: I write xslt and xsl-fo in one xsl stylesheet ---> i open AHFormatter ---> I do the transformationThat script embedding that u are talking about is this I think: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/533texsx(vs.71).aspxBut it considers the transformation to be done rather much like: I write xslt and xsl-fo in one xsl stylesheet with scripts ---> transform within C# code using .NET ---> put the result in AHFormatter When I was doing some Jscript's I could just put them in <script> tags and just d
  2. The problem is that I'm not supposed to use XSL in .NET but .NET in XSL. So u say that there's no possibillity to do what I want on freeware, only with those commercial versions of processors yes ?
  3. Hello, I need some advice in choosing appropriate processor to include to my AHFormatter. I have to do some crazy stuff with images and there's no way to do it in xslt so I have to implement a function in C# to do these.The problem is that my Formatter has MSXSL 3.0 included, and this xslt engine supports only scripts in JScript or VBScript and those don't offer me necessary functions. In C# I got some Image libraries that would do the job. The problem is that I actually don't know what other xslt engine should I use. The ones I know is Saxon and AltovaXML and I don't know anything about thei
  4. Hey, I got an issue wiich is making me unable to make my text go from bottom to top. I mean I need to write from the bottom of the page to the top of it.Just like u would turn your page vertically. I tried to use attributes like: writing-mode and direction but I still can't get what I want. There is a lot of attribute values that I can mix to get various results but no matter what I write I get either this one: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/252/test1pp.jpg/or this one http://imageshack.us...67/test2jp.jpg/these are the only 2 options that I can get, u know why is that ? I'd like to get
  5. I have to maintain the size of an image to fit the page in external pdf. The problem is that scaling in XSL is either by width or by height. The problem is that I don't actually know if the image will fit the page with it's original height or width and I can't determine that the image must be scaled by one of those attributes. The best way of doing what I want is getting to know the original image size and then deiciding to scale it by height or by width after comparing those numbers with the page's attributes. If I'm wrong or something, just tell me. If you have any ideas on solving the issu
  6. So you say that if I'd like to stay with my old MSXML I can only write some scripts in javascript or in visualbasicscript am I right ?
  7. Hi ! I have to call an external function in my xslt/xsl-fo stylesheet. I know that I can use <xsl:script> according to the recommendation (http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt11/#define-extension-functions) The question is how to actually use it ? I'm using AHFormatter to transform my stylesheets and I have to add an external function written in a different language than xslt, preferably C++ or C#. Is that possible ? I mean I don't really understand the way that it works. Actually will it work just fine if I use a java code inside the <script> tags ? I don't understand how the code is interpr
  8. Alright, I got some answers on other forums and gathering all the information it seems that it's not possible to display this image using only xslt or xsl-fo. The image that my first post contains is encoded in hex and the only way of displaying images in xsl is when they're in base64 using this url-thing just as I thought. I have to translate hex to base64 myself. The problem is that I don't want to use any external applications. The only question that is left:Is someone here using Antenna House Formatter and knows if there are any extensions doing the transformation of that hex to base64 ? I
  9. I know that it's Windows Metafile :)The problem is the encoding of it and how to display it while having only the code in tags - <object-projection>
  10. Hello there, it's my first post on this forum Here's the problem I'm facing: I've got some xml files in which there are wmf images that I have to display using XSL-FO in my pdf. The problem is that those images are encoded somehow and I don't know what the code is. It's a sample tag of this image: <object ident="eqwrd_1" skaluj="1" wys="24.9pt" szer="16.0pt" typ="WMF"><object-projection>D7CDC69A00000000000034027003030900000000565F010009000003d100000002001c00000000000500000009020000000005000000020101000000050000000102ffffff00050000002e0118000000050000000b0200000000050000000c022003
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