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  1. I am kind of new to the whole server admin side of the web. I just learned UNIX through a very handy video, and I can definitely see it's advantages. The video showed ma a lot as far as working in the command line, and different things that I can do. What it did not show me was how to manage a web server remotely through unix. I know it is possible, through SSH (I slightly understand how it works). My eventual goal is to just purchase(or rent) my own web server running ubuntu(or whatever flavor of unix) and be able to completely manage it through no UI. I'm interested in learning things about creating/managing MySQL database, how to link to the database, any relevant things with PHP, and how to assign domain names, like the name servers and things like that. How to create a subdomain, and how do host multiple sites off the server. I know that this could prove to be an advanced topic, but I think it is something that I need to learn to be successful, and more efficient. I would appreciate any guidance as I am novice as far as this goes. Thanks,Zach
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