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  1. Why is everyone repeating my answer?I am new here, I know, but I have the feeling that it's common to do this here ... and I'm wondering why ...are you pumping up your posts counter or what is the purpose of this?
  2. For sure.But what I meant was the HTML part. Let's look at the CSS afterwards.Take a look at your validated site: W3C Validator Try to close tags, which aren't closed properly, Rename/Remove duplicate IDs (= Identificator, they can appear only one time per document, if you want to use them more than one time, use Classes (#)) ... try to fix the above and get rid of the validator errors
  3. You are totally right.PHP is just a simple script language. Almost nothing matters here
  4. In IE7-9 I the links are black with white backgrounds.:hover & :focus -> inverse (black background with white color)clicking -> www.essexstudent.com/ents/event/.../ || link to the correct event
  5. Is portion in your superglobal $_POST ?Try print_r($_POST); exit;
  6. You have to deactivate Caching for this site. Take a look at the caching options for your IE.
  7. if($num == 1){$_SESSION["username"];$_SESSION["password"];} What are you doing there? Right, nothing!You have to set them ;-)And you have to start your session here too! P.S.: Please, please take a look at SQL Injection!!!
  8. Yeah, this is really, really broken.
  9. Take a look at your CSS3 properties and their vendor prefixes.Your description is not the best, therefore mine won't be too. Hints: CSS3, vendor prefixes, browser support.
  10. Can't reproduce your problem.Everything works fine for me in Opera, Fx, IE9, IE8, IE7.Links look the same and are working properly.
  11. This won't work with the replace function (as far as I know).You can only replace your pattern with one string, so you have to wrap it in a loop (e.g. a foreach loop with a string array)
  12. Firstly, what is <quotesection>?This tag doesn't exist (I think). I know <section>, <blockquote>, but <quotesection>, no ... And yes, IE < 8 doesn't recognize this element, therefore it closes it automatically.If your code is: <quotesection> <h2>Test</h2></quotesection> IE < 8 will render it as follows: <quotesection /><h2>Test</h2></quotesection /> So your CSS selector quotesection h2 { ... } won't apply anymore. If you really want to emplement this,do the Javascript part like Ingolme said: document.createElement("quotesection") And default CSS stylings. For example: quotesection{ display: block;}
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