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  1. You're right. Doesn't matter I have solved it. It was the 100% wrapper around the main content that messed things up strangely enough. Not sure why but that was it:-).
  2. Hello all, I hope someone can shed a light on this because I am staring blind here. If you take a look at what I have now http://home.tiscali.nl/gggev/newsletter.html you see on the right three grey placeholder images. The problem is that only in Outlook there is a huge gap showing the white background (so not the beige background strangely enough) between the second and third image and I can't seem to figure out why. The code seems to be okay but obviously I am overlooking something. Would anyone have any clue as to what I am overlooking? Regards, F.
  3. I am struggling with something. I want to create a dropdown menu but each menu should generate a special link behind the existting page link it is on. I have a site which lists, among other things, hotels in several different cities. Each city has it's own ID. So when I am looking at a hotel in city 1 and open the drop down menu and choose city 2 the page should open by adding only the city ID to the original pagelink/url. <form><select><option value="1" selected="selected">city 1</option><option value="2">city 2</option><option value="3">city 3</option></select></form> What needs to be added behind every pagelink when choosing another city is this: ?multi_city=2 As said every city has it's own ID so the above would link to city 2, for linking to city 3 it would be ?multi_city=3 Would anyone know how to achieve this in HTML?
  4. Hello all. I'd like to introduce myself. I am always trying to gain knowledge on a diverse number of subjects and hope to learn a lot from you folks here. Currently I am trying to get my head around PHP but I find it difficult. If there are any questions feel free to ask them I am not shy . regards, Flutje
  5. A mysql query I don't quite understand:-).

  6. Learning. Always learning.

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