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  1. i just bumped a problem....i cant do it by my self
  2. thanks alot.... when i'm rich i'll be sure to donate to this site... btw does this site has a donate link
  3. i'm making a website on webs and its like an handout i dont think it uses html or any of that.. do u think its a good idea making it on that website.. and the idea i have about the website i know will bring in alot of cash believe me^^ am 17 but really creative
  4. cool!! ok another questions make money off my own website?? i.e like building an browser based rpg ?? can i have some example
  5. cool will do...what are the jobs available after learning this and are they available in the Caribbean?? *EDIT* those certificates please a brief explanation what does it do after taking them and passing them sorry for all these questions
  6. i want to do programming so i'll choose this course the html list is soooooo long and after learning all a that i'll have to study another omg.... the front end thingy u mention looks easier so i'll learn html and study and be a pro at photo shop
  7. yea html...can u live off this (html)
  8. i was thinking how does this helps a 17year old like me make it in life i'm in jamaica
  9. hey i'm Paradax 17 years oldandi love to create stuff anything from games -website but i need more knowledge
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