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  1. I wrote a simple HTML web page on my home computer. It appeared fine as both a .txt and .html. But when I transferred (FTP via FileZilla or Core) it to the webhost (GoDaddy) the text was changed and the webpage contained symbols and Chinese characters. http://www.scottyproductions.org/Blog.html. Main site: www.Scottyproductions.org. I finally was able to upload the web pages directly throught the GoDaddey FTP so they are now working/displaying the text properly. I can't figure out why my script changes when it is uploaded to the webhost by FiliZilla or CORE FTP but not by GoDaddy. When you open the "View" Source" from the website, there are many characters which were not in the original script. GoDaddy says that their server is working properly. I have re-downloaded the current FileZilla program; and this also happens when I use Core FTP. I have deleted the file on the server and overwritten and re-transferred the one from my computer (with normal script) but this has not helped. When the HTML page or TXT file appear on the server they contain unusual character. Any idea why or how it can be corrected. It has now been uploaded and works fine so the web pages are OK.
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