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    Ie8 And <A Class

    thank you so much. I was suspecting that line as it indeed seemed like an invisible layer on top, but I couldn't see why that would have this effect. After all, it's applied to the background image.Anyway, I have removed the line now and resized the bg image to look nice in ie8.Thank you so much guys!
  2. ursath

    Ie8 And <A Class

    Yeah that is the effect I want.. I have absolutely 0 idea why it works on your IE8 but not mine.I guess I have to force ie8 to render in ie7, that will mess the background up but at least I have working links.. thank you for telling me.
  3. ursath

    Ie8 And <A Class

    Okay that's even worse.I checked on the computers on campus (library, labs etc) where most students access the site from- and it does not work.I also tried it at home, no difference. Windows XP and 7 used.Version is 8.0.6001.18702 but I am not aware of particular version issues other than beta. :(
  4. ursath

    Ie8 And <A Class

    Hello all,I have a problem for 3 days now and simply don't know what to do; google did not help.Basically I have to create a table on a website for upcoming events, some of which link to pages where people buy their tickets.I have assigned a class, ex1, to those links to style them in css.Works flawlessly in crome and in ff, as well as IE8 in compatibility mode, but not in IE8 which is the largest chunk of users and thus very important.The website is the following: *edited out, as it no longer exists*I understand that I have used mainly inline styles and yes I know external stylesheets are more useful, but as the url might give away, this is for me to see whether I can actually implement what is asked of me. The design is based on a printed sheet which students can hang on their walls, thus it is important for it to look like this.If you view the site in FF/GC you'll see the effect working, in IE8 however it displays the style of a:link, but actually does not link anymore, let alone hover/active. Interestingly enough, when tabbing through, a:focus works, as well as a:active and on pressing enter I get redirected as planned. This doesn't make sense to me and I have only found the common issue of IE8 ignoring empty anchors, which is not the case.Any help would be so, so, so much appreciated!!
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