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  1. Hey guys I've been working on this all day and I can't figure out why I'm having this issue. If I had any hair id be tearing it out Here is my jsfiddle example When you hit start and then hover your mouse over the black square an image will be placed next to the cursor as I slowly move the mouse towards the edge of the top,right or bottom of the map it will stop the building from going off the edge but if you move it little harder past the edge it glitches past it. If you move the cursor to the left it will stop correctly. I'm thinking how im trying to do this is just way wrong. Right now if its to far one direction it pushes it back. That seems kind of bad route to take in general. http://jsfiddle.net/hgXVq/70/ so idk at a huge wall atm hopefully someone has some suggestions. It seems I have to offset the picture little away from the cursor other wise the picture messes up with moving with the cursor
  2. Thanks Ingolme Ya that's the only way I could fix the issue making a switch like that. I think I will just use this approach cause it still feels good. Plus the doors open so fast anyways so there won't be any confusion against the user if they did spam click it. Thanks guy. and thanks davej for your responce
  3. Ya hitting the start button really fast. This was just a example. Being used in Stargate System Lords the game. There is about 50 buttons that trip this function. Preventing the animation only griping so often is plan b but will kinda ruin the flow of the gameHttp://www.systemlords.com
  4. I'm having issue that is about to drive me insane made a jsfiddle example If you hit the start button slowly over and over again the images will open up like doors but if you really spam hit the button crazy fast they will disappear. I've tried checking if animated, tried testing where its current margin location is at and tried using stop() wondering if anyone here can figure this out. http://jsfiddle.net/uGHe4/43/
  5. ehh i found a solution element or parent element { /* prevent font boosting on mobile devices */ width: 100%; height: auto; min-height: 1px; max-height: 999999px; }
  6. I'm having a issue i can't seem to find a solution with google. www.systemlords.com when going to my home page the font that slowly appears increases in font after a few seconds. Its caused from me using text scaling setting on google moible chrome but i would like is to ignore it wondering if anyone has any experiance with this. thanks
  7. nevermind i figured out a solution. i just made my own function
  8. idk i think im going to just make my own function that puts in the correct format. I think this route on their example is showing how to change the line graph dynamticly which isnt really what im doing since im echoing in the html on each view
  9. I'm trying to get a plug in to work that I grabed on line and I can't figure out a certain part of that is unclear They supplied a function that is suppose to change the format of my array so it works with their plug inIdk this function is beyond my understanding lol.Either way they say it can take an array and make it look like[[[x1, sin(x1)], [x2, sin(x2)], ...]] My array that is coming from php via ajax looks like Object {1362713346="153.549", 1362761347="153.549", 1362761401="103.549"} var plot = function() { var data = [[]]; for (var i=0; i<13; i+=0.5) { data[0].push([i, Math.sin(i)]); } return data; }; so i tried inserting my array 3 differant ways. only first one doesnt throw an error. returns function() thoughdata = [[array]]data = [array]data =[array here's the link of showing all thishttp://www.jqplot.com/tests/data-renderers.php
  10. Thanks for the responce DarkxPunk. I tried that couldnt get it to turn truetested while scroll bar was active if (document.height > document.body.offsetHeight) { return true; }else{ return false; } What i was trying to do in the first place was trying to see if the body was overflowing but couldnt get that work eitherby setting body to overflow:hidden; Then finding a way to tell if its clipping or not
  11. Hey guy's i'm having problems getting the scrollHeight from the document. The html tags my main objective though is just to detect rather or not the document scroll bar is active or not. So i dont know maybe someone has another idea cause I dont actually need any numbers returned.
  12. ahh i got it figured out var hotkey = function(e) { if (e.keyCode == 77) { console.log("test"); return false; }} $(document).keydown(hotkey);$('input, textarea').focus(function(){ $(document).unbind('keydown', hotkey); });$('input, textarea').blur(function(){ $(document).bind('keydown', hotkey); }); });
  13. Hey guys im trying to set up hot keys and I dont want them to affect when someone types in a input or text area The only way i can figure out how to do this is to have it where it disables the hot keys when a textarea/input is focus and then enable back again on blur but I cant figure out how to do this with bind and unbind var hotkey = function() { $(document).keydown(function(e){ if (e.keyCode == 77) { console.log("test"); return false; } }); } $('input').bind('focus', hotkey); $('input').unbind('blur', hotkey);
  14. if i use this before the on statement $('#sector_input_x').off(); then it disables it all together no longer works anymore
  15. Hey guys I'm having a wierd issue that i cant quite understand. I have code that makes text appear and dissapear as you focus on itthe problem is the field dynamticly changes I have a map with a x and y axis and im displaying the x and y when a user focus on one it will go blank and then on blur display the axisthe problem is when i flip my map to another sector the X axis will be differant which displays fine but for some reason when i click on and then off it displays the axis number from the last sector. I'm assuming its because the function is still active from the last sector. so i have to like disable it some how $('#sector_input_x').on({ focus: function() { if (this.value === session_x) this.value = ''; }, blur: function() { if (this.value === '') this.value = session_x; } });
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