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  1. Not looking to modify the intended function of the ASP file.Just looking for the proper code to insert in my HTML file to tell it to execute the code in the above ASP file.Then continue with the rest of the code in the original HTML file.
  2. I have an HTML file with some HTML code within (working as needed).Some where in the middle of that HTML file code, I need to run/execute an ASP file with some simple ASP code within (already created).Then continue with the rest of the HTML code within the original HTML file. The ASP file is "FormOpen.asp" and contains the following: <% FormOpen = Request("FormOpen") %> <% If FormOpen = "" Then %> <div id=xxx-TextBox9-xxx style='display:none;text-decoration:none'> <% Else %> <div id=xxx-TextBox9-xxx style='display:inline;text-decoration:none'> &
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