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  1. i have seen on many live streaming blogs/websites there are 2 servers, if default server stream does not work due to any reason, than alternate server 2 stream works, i also want to achive same objective for my blog, i will write in default post "if this stream does not work click here" and 2nd stream should load, kindly suggest me html/javascript coding to achieve my desired goal. thanks
  2. Hi; first of all please don't mind if this is not the right section to post my query here, and move it to whatever right section is. I'm almost new to any language, actually I'm blogger and Google whatever i need, but this time i can't find the exact script i needed therefore i decided to post my query here because i live w3school. i want to display center part of the external website (say Google.com logo) in my blogger post or page, before this i used iframe which works perfectly but i don't want to use it anymore due to its some limitations. so please help me by posting the script here. Looking forward RegardsAdnan
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