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  1. look my friend you got to help me im searching the world lolll and no body can i have that link http://rajce.idnes.cz/f31017683 if you put it in explorer youll see it redirect you to the album with pics but it not open the piccause i need the path somthink like this: /export/xml/images?useName=&albumname= but its not correct i dont know what path do i need what can you help me plz if you know? cause i know if i have the right path and few detaild of the pic it will open it (its very important to me)
  2. ok this the original link http://img1.rajce.idnes.cz/d1/1/1009/1009637_8d8d4868e0f023f76911cb52be63caa4/images/P1010001.JPG what i do wrong
  3. can you help me with this i know thers simple exploit that you add to link and just put the username album and it gives you way to open those album willing to pay its not hard i know few that made server that look only for protect albums and open them if you can help plz pm thx for your time
  4. ok look iv asked many month ago this question but i wasnt specific now look thers this site:http:rajce.idnes.cz now thers phot albums there once i hade lots album that i protect them with pass (now try to contact admin to reset he dont belive its mine so..) now i want to learn how to get a code from that protect album to get my photos now... this example if i see protect album (user:pass)i can google cache the link and it gives me the data base of the pics and when i make view page source i can get this code albumticketid=some letters and when i put this code in this link : http://www.rajce.idnes.cz/export/xml/photos?userName=USERNAME|THE CODE&albumDir=ALBUM NAME&limit=299 then i can get the pics now my question is not all the protect albums is in google cache so i cant restore their data base so how can i get this code without google cache? i hope you understand me plz your help when i do that system on my albums the google cache: gives me error its not in cache storage so what to do plz !!!!!???
  5. look someone give me this: var string = '/export/xml/photos?userName=uchylaci|77f322df&albumDir=Kata_narozky';var id = string.match(/(userName=\w+\|)(\w+)/);alert(id[2]); how do i use it ?how do i open it? plz your help what does it mean can i translate it to link for explorer? plz your help
  6. my friend: even if i will get one pic from the protect album i always can make fusker oh this is the original link: www.uchylaci.rajce.idnes.cz
  7. thats whay i wish you to help me man im not understand much i just know its like this: http://www.rajce.idnes.cz/export/xml/photos?userName=uchylaci|77f322df&albumDir=Kata_narozky or even if thers a way to get to album without the id cause its locked
  8. ok so i want to find the phots album id like this: /export/xml/photos?userName=uchylaci|77f322df&albumDir=Kata_narozky iknow everything but i dont know how to find the key: "77f322df" without it i cant find my photos every album got diffrent key so what i need to do to find it plz your help thxxxx
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