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  1. One task of my project is to embed the suppliers' home page inside our home pages. I did it using <iframe>. They look fine and most of them work fine. But one of them does not work. It seems like a cookie problem because an eye shaped icon appeared at the lower right corner. If I enable the cookie, the page works fine. However, the page works without any problem when loading alone without any iframe. If I load the page in another browser or tab, then run my page. My page works fine until I clear the cookie under tools menu.How could I enable the cookie to be loaded for pages in the <iframe>?Any solution is welcome. I am using ASP and Javascript.
  2. I got a dorp-down list using <select> and a bunch of <option>. The dropdown list is too long and I want it shorter. Could anyone help me, please.I did tried the following, but none of them is work: 1) <select style="height:50"> 2) <style type="text/css>.aaa { height:50px;}</style>...<select class="aaa"3) <select style="clip:rect(0, auto, 50, auto)"> I know most of you are good in HTML, please help. Thank you.
  3. I needed to put up my provider's swf files. I put them in different folders that is not a sub-folder to the ASP file that embed the flash. I try many ways to load the flash (swf) up but fail except 2 times.I could load the flash in 2 case:1) put the HTM file in the same folder2) use HTML tag <BASE> to change to the folder that contains the swf file, but this cause my ASP doesn't work. After I load the flash the search form in the page fail. Is there any tag or attribute in <OBJECT> or <EMBED> to make the current folder to be changed. I did try the following but fail:1) <object ....><param name="base" value="http://mywebsite...">2) <object ... base="http://....."...>3) <embed ... base="http://...." ..>4) use all aboveCould anyone help me?
  4. I need to put up some swf file to the web site. The swf files are downloaded from our provider's site. We didn't got any Flash tools. I know the swf could be resize, but I want the swf just fit in a <table>. Therefore, I need to know the original dimension or the aspect ratio of the swf files.Does the free flash player got any help? Or any freeware could do the same thing? Could native Active Server Page (ASP) detect the ratiio?Thank you.
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