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  1. I thought I would use that... it seems a little, pardon my french, ghetto to do it like that.
  2. Hello there! I was just wondering..Lets say you have a site with 50+ pages. And lets say you would like to add a new stylesheet, or your want the original one in a Folder called styles. How would you go about adding a new stylesheet without going into every page and changing it manually?Any answers / coding you can give would be great. Cheers!
  3. Thanks for your kind post. There is no banner ~ for my logo I just used CSS mixed with google.com/webfonts. And no I don't use CMSes; I like doing everything from scratch as much as possible.
  4. Good ideas. Last night I decided to add some more creativity so I opened a new folder and I'm currently redesigning it. Thanks everybody.
  5. Yea like I said I just launched a couple days ago so please excuse the 404's
  6. Thats funny that you say that because I already did that but the new version is only on my computer so I haven't uploaded it yet.
  7. So Ive been designing my article writing website for some time now and just really need another opinion about it. I just launched so please excuse all the 404's. I'm looking for some real criticism. I want to know what detail you hate or like even if it's a simple as font color. http://allenlawson.net
  8. Awesome! Can't wait to work with some of you! I kind of had an idea but I don't want to say It on here just if you guys want to be apart in this project please email me at allenlawson.net@gmail.com
  9. Will you please email me at Allenlawson(at)gmail.com as there is many people an here I don't wish to talk in front of.
  10. Yea, sorry about that but like it says above my pic - NEWBIE lol Thanks for the replies
  11. Are you trying to link back to your Facebook page? <a href="http://www.facebook.com/youridhere">Like on Facebook</a>
  12. Your website is currently down - please re-upload the site and I will gladly help you with your problems..
  13. If your on windows you can use notepad to code but I recommend that you download notepad++ Make a fake website about a business that you know of - or just make yourself a personal website kind of like an all about you thing...
  14. What do you mean like have a image as a border?
  15. But you have no idea how to code for this kind of thing - or even what language you use to craft something like this?
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