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  1. Not really I think. This is basically my 2nd solution.Based on some criterion I want to show 0, 1, or some of the <tr>s.The criterion is something which should not show on the screen, but is part of the <tr>.In my 2nd solution I indeed do use innerHTML to get the string"<!-- id="a" -->...."Then I extract with some substring-guru-stuff the "a" or "b" to decide whether to show or hide the <tr>. But this depends on the exact layout of the comment.What I want to do is something like:<table><tr userdata="a">...</tr><tr userdata="a">...</tr><t
  2. Hi,I'm building an (X)HTML application which uses a lot of JavaScript.One of the things I want to do is to shown/hide specific <tr> elements using JavaScript. How to do that is not the problem.But to decide which rows to show I need some attribute in the <tr> element.I've figured out 2 idea's, both not very ideal I think:1)<table> <tr id="a">...</tr> <tr id="a">...</tr> <tr id="b">...</tr> ...</table>Now hide all <tr>s with id="a" (for example).Note: id's are not unique now (and not intended for this purpose?).2)<table>
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