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  1. ok got it just added "display:none" to the cell tags
  2. Thanks for the reply but that does'nt work with my code i dont need to hid a div just the table cells
  3. Hi guys using this code to hide table contents but how can i make the table hidden on page load $('.header').click(function () { var $this = $(this); $(this).nextUntil('tr.header').slideToggle(100).promise().done(function () { $this.find('span').text(function (_, value) { return value == '-' ? '+' : '-' }); });}); http://jsfiddle.net/y4Mdy/ Thanks
  4. it is coming from here #!/usr/bin/pythonimport sys, json, oslist = os.listdir("/sys/bus/w1/devices/")list.remove("w1_bus_master1")# we can also build lists, first start with an empty oneoutput = []for sensor in list: # Open the file that we viewed earlier so that python can see what is in it. Replace the serial number as before. tfile = open("/sys/bus/w1/devices/" + sensor + "/w1_slave") # Read all of the text in the file. text = tfile.read() # Close the file now that the text has been read. tfile.close() # Split the text with new lines (n) and select the second line. secondline = text.split(
  5. Hi guys my JS is poor at best i have this [Object { prob2=23.5}, Object { prob1=23.375}] showing in my console.log it comes from a AJAX request from PHP i'm getting this out put by this $.ajax({ url:"temps.php", dataType: "json", success:function(data) { console.log(data); } how can i use thi information like this??? $.ajax({ url:"temps.php", dataType: "json", success:function(data) { document.getElementById("prob1").innerHTML = data.prob1; } Please help cos this dont work lol Thanks
  6. i dont understand this is dropdown menus not selection boxes
  7. Hi guys, what i am looking for is 5 drop down boxes with 5 options. When one option is selected it then cant be selected in the other 4 drop downs and so on until eventually all 5 drop downs will have one off the 5 options i'm using bootstrap (hence posting in Javascript section), I'm shore there is a easy way to do this i just cant figure it out Thanks all
  8. Hi guys i'm prob going about this the wrong way but this is what i have so farThe HTML <div class="example"> <input type="radio" value="border-0" name="Border" id="text1" checked="checked"/> No Border </div> <div class="border-1 example"> <input type="radio" value="border-1" name="Border" id="text2" /> Single Line </div> <div class="border-2 example"> <input type="radio" value="border-2" name="Border" id="text3" /> Double Line </div>
  9. WAIT A MIN... i dont understand arrays fully but it it right that...first array([color=#ff0000]1[/color]) { ["notifications"]=> array([color=#ff0000]2[/color]) { ["pos_left"]=> string(1) "0" ["pos_top"]=> string(2) "20" }} and array([color=#ff0000]4[/color]) { ["notifications"]=> array([color=#ff0000]2[/color]) { ["pos_left"]=> string(1) "0" ["pos_top"]=> string(2) "20" } ["friends"]=> array([color=#ff0000]2[/color]) { ["pos_left"]=> string(1) "0" ["pos_top"]=> string(2) "20" } ["messages"]=> array([color=#ff0000]2[/color]) { ["pos_left"]=> string
  10. ok so i have tried debugging and all results work just fine untill i change 4 items then it restarts the array, So how about if i change it so onunload it saves positions off the divs?? would this be a better option?
  11. WHOOPS miss type i will correct that....How would you go about debuging this?
  12. hi guys i have a problem and here it is i am makeing a website with draggable boxs lik this $(function () { $(".draggable").draggable({ containment: '#holder', grid: [ 20, 20 ], handle:'.box-header', cursor: 'move', stop : function(event,ui) { var dragposition = ui.position; var dragboxid = $(this).attr('id'); $.ajax({ type: 'POST', dataType: 'json', url: My_Site+'/themes/mytheme-2/ajax.php', timeout: 5000, data: { task:"Moved", dragposition:dragposition,
  13. hi guys i am having trouble with the syntax of a query here is what i have not shore where to go from here select * from `jcow_accounts` WHERE 1 AND (username LIKE craig% OR email LIKE craig% OR fullname LIKE craig%) AND birthyear>1953 AND birthyear<1995 AND gender=0 and !hide_me order by lastlogin DESC LIMIT 20 Thanks
  14. click settings to get back to form saying that it still logged your location
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