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  1. sql="select * from cars where car_id='" & Request("car") & "'; " and where fuel_type ='" & Request("car") & "'; " the above coding does not work...it comes with an end of statement error after the Request("car") & "'; partCan anyone help me..MANY THANKS.AND THE WHERE CLAUSES ARE SELECTED FROM A PICKLIST
  2. jayeshp100

    ASP login

    I have tried to do the above, but i can't figure it out, are there any examples on the web
  3. I want connect to a Access DB over a network, i have been trying to connect by using a custom string, but i am unable to connect to my database, does anyone have good example on how to do this?
  4. How do i check that someone has enterd the date in the correct format in a asp form?Also if you have a text field and a user enters a number i want a n error message prompting the user not to use numbers.
  5. If IsEmpty(request.form("field_name")) or request.form("field_name")="" thenresponse.write "<div align='center'field cannot be blank !!<br/>"response.write "<input type='button' onClick='window.history.back()'>"response.write "</div>"response.end Elselocal_var = request.Form("field_name")End IfThe the above code i get Type mismatch: '[string: ""]' all fields a text type.
  6. How do you check that a person has enterd correct data like phone number must have no text, also in my form page do i have put some ASP code before my form.
  7. So this code checks to see if the form is filled in, what about the username and password i want to check that they don't match any existing data in the already in the DB, also if you have an tel no field that only numbers can be enterd.
  8. This is my asp code<html><head><title>Form to database</title></head><body> <%dim oConndim oRsSet oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")oConn.ConnectionString = "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}"oConn.ConnectionString = oConn.ConnectionString & ";DBQ=" & server.MapPath("database.mdb")oConn.Openset oRs = oConn.Execute("INSERT INTO Members(Username,Pword,name,Street,Town,County,PostCode,Member_Telephone_No,Email,PersonelInformation) VALUES('" & request.Form("Username") & "','" & request.Form("Pword") & "', '" & r
  9. jayeshp100

    form validation

    ive got a form thats adds inofrmation to a Access database how do make sure the information is valid and if the information is wrong it won't add to the DB.
  10. jayeshp100

    ASP login

    Do i put the session vaiable within the login page and put the select statement within the page that processes the the users usernmae, password.
  11. jayeshp100

    ASP login

    Hi,I have a website with a Access database, i have sucessfully created a login page that works, what i want is when the user is transfered to the members page i want to display a form filled in with their details so that they can update, delete so on.
  12. jayeshp100

    Rank in SQL

    i mate for the query that works i need to use it in asp so i can view it in table, i know how do this but it keeps coming up with the error belowORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended i have put the whole query on one line but i cant work out the problem
  13. jayeshp100

    Rank in SQL

    Thanks mate it works fine with the first query. thanks
  14. jayeshp100

    Rank in SQL

    heres the way ive tried it.select sum(d.price), e.Title, d.dvd_id from dvd_rental d, dvd_details e where months_between(sysdate, order_date) < 13 and e.dvd_id = d.dvd_id and rownum <= 10 group by d.dvd_id, e.title order by sum(d.price) descheres the resultSUM(D.PRICE) TITLE DVD_I------------ -------------------- ----- 11.98 The_Lion_King 88755 9.99 Saw2 12563 9.39 Shrek 66504 8.99 Oceans_Eleven 97765 7.99 Die_Another_Day 76764 7.55 Independence_Day 34435 2.99 Tarzon
  15. does anyone know how to add a record to a table in sql plus using asp, the examples on the website do if you have a table in MS Access
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