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  1. this is my site.www.lostinc.co.za. the page wont load right. the html file is table1.if i use the html file start,it loads correctly.could it be becuase i used windows notepad to compile a html file loaded on to a linux server? table1.html start.html
  2. Full name:garionAlternative name(s):garionBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy):26/06/1980Gender:maleZodiacal sign:cancerCountry of residance:south africaCity of residance:cape townHeight:1,6mWeight:65kgEyes:greenHair:blondSmoking/Drinking/Drugs:occasionalyFavourite Music:tranceFavourite Movies:actionInterest:whatever i'm busy withPets:a african grey parrotAdditional comments:i want to learnmore about html,css,scripts so ican get my website working.
  3. Hi.Thanks for letting me join.nice to meet you all.Im new to html.I have been learning from http://www.w3schools.com/html/.I dont want a dgree or diploma,I just find it interesting and want to understand how all this works.I have a registerd domain and am experiencing a problem getting the page to load correctly.The url for my site is www.lostinc.co.za.Can someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks
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