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    Slow host?

    Is a "slow hosting server" a usual problem? I find that when I upload new CSS or even new versions of images to my host, they won't update in the browser right away, even after refreshing the page several times. This is frustrating, as it prevents me from seeing my updates in real time. Sometimes, however, when I check a different computer, it will display the newer files. I imagine this has to do with browser cache, but shouldn't refreshing do the trick? In FireFox, if I view source code, and check out the CSS file, it shows the old code. I can refresh the CSS, and it shows the new code, but going back to the HTML page, it still references the old code. Just thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone had any thought. Thanks for any help.
  2. I'm making a portfolio website for my partner and I want to have a "Contact" page, but I'm afraid to put an email or phone number on the site. Is this a valid concern? How do I get around it? Coding forms is beyond me at this point, unfortunately. I have a PDF of a resume on the site. Will the email in the PDF attract spammers? Thanks for any help.
  3. What's the best way to go about having a website hosted? I've done pleanty of web design at my work, but now I want to create a personal website, and I'm not sure where to get started when it comes to hosting. It's just going to be a little website, and I don't expect much traffic. Also, domain name? How do I get one of those? Thanks for any help.
  4. I want to keep the header, footer, nav, etc, the same from page to page, so when one neeeds to be updated, I don't have to update all the pages of the website. Like, if I need to add a new button to the nav, I can just update the nav, and it's automatically fixed on all pages. Where would I start learning about this? Are there tutorials on W3Schools? Thanks for any help!-Doug
  5. Thanks for the tips! I've started playing around in TextEdit, building little webpages. How do I check cross-browser compatibility? I'm on a Mac, and I don't think I can use IE to test my code. Thanks!
  6. I finished the CSS tutorial and now I'd like to get some experience using it. I can only learn CSS by using it. But how shlould I go about it? I need some homework.
  7. Hi. My name is Doug. I'm 32, and I've been maintaing two websites for myemployer since 2004. I didn't know much about web design when I started. I learned what I know on the job. But it's a very bare-bones, utilitarian knowledge. There's not much room for expanding my knowledge here. Recently, my boss paid some outside source to redesign our homepage. When I received it, I was shocked that it was all CSS. I didn't know much about CSS, and that's what brought me to w3schools. My desire is to feel confidant working with CSS and maybe higher-level coding.
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