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  1. Wow fikiwan that looks amazing , however im not required to do this in css. Is there a way to do it with out using css. Foxy i understand there is no l-shape in tables, but i was thinking mabye there would be away to span it if possible, with out using css. I've been working on it and so far my code look like this in the file below. Still not the best but trying to make it look like the originnal picture. btw the drawing is kinda crappy it looks better once you generate the code.
  2. I am Currently having Issues creating this XHTML table for my next assignment. My professor wants me to be able to create this table as shown in the picture, using XHTML code. Im really struggling with the "colspan" and "rowspan" attributes to apply to this code. and to be able to create this table; as shown in the picture. Can anyone with good knowledge in XHTML pleasse help
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