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  1. That worked flawlessly. Thank you very much, I sincerely appreciate it!
  2. Wow, you are totally correct dsonesuk. I used Chrome's inspect feature and clearly saw the same iframe, however in my actual html file the iframe is not anywhere in my code. What element should I be applying display:none to in order to make it not appear? Thanks!
  3. Hello Everyone, I am having difficulty getting a CSS background image to display properly in webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari), but it displays as intended in Firefox, IE9, and Opera. The site in question is: http://www.gnosisstudios.com In the upper right hand corner there is a folder looking tab that says "Contact Us". The "Contact Us" tab is inside a div that should align directly with the div above it as I have not entered any margins or padding. However in Chrome and Safari there seems to be a padding of about 25 pixels between the div above it and the tab itself. This began displaying in
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