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  1. Hello everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read this post and hopefully helping me out. I have 3 websites, 2 of them are wordpress based and the other I have coded from scratch with the help of everyone on here. I will however be looking to change that one over to wordpress in time as I have a Cyberchimps responsive layout that works with the new google algorithm. Anyway one of my sites for the first time ever seems to be on google's front page of search but that seems to be out of coincidence than anything as the SEO appears to be terrible on it. My other main site for m
  2. when I copy from word it will put about 3 or 4 lines in between each paragraph instead of 1 line so I have to go back through the whole text and edit it. the editing window is so small I can hardly see what Im editing I then have to enter the pictures after all that and cannot see the text clearly to know where I am then putting the picture as the window is so small. Next we come on to the validation of the website, it comes up with near 4000 errors, Next we have the lack of style. I want to make it look a little more modern and snazzy (need a bigger logo but cannot find where the header ima
  3. Something like CMS (had to google it), I currently use wordpress which does the job poorly, It was fantastic a year ago but they changed it and now its worse. Ive tried PHPnuke, Joomla, Wordpress and they have all gone downhill. I would Love to be able to cross transfer the Database over if that is possible to save re-doing all the work?
  4. Hello all, thank you all for your help so far on problems I have been having over the last few months with a couple of my websites. The one for my motorbike is finished now (I didnt get around to making a PHP contact form as got an apprenticeship so ran out of time to teach it as it was complicating things) I'm back on to my website for my product reviews. Its a 100% non profit organisation and just looks out dated in comparision to other sites that I have seen, plus I have been informed its not IE friendly and when I got it checked for errors it basically broke it with so many errors (totall
  5. Hmmm I just noticed that JPG too, I thought they were all in .jpg format arghh I will report back shortly if that cures it.
  6. My websites gallery wont load all of the pictures but all the files are located correctly on the FTP but says 404 missing if I click the link http://www.repsolhondanc24.co.uk/restoration-gallery.html Richard
  7. you will need to contact your telco company in your country and speak to them about wholesale or find a line wholesaler that will install a dedicated 1:1 contention ratio line. you will then need to get them to give you a quote on installing a line. you want a backbone connection (its similar in any country). If you live near a few people then look into asking around if they will share costs. Most backbone connections will be fibre optic. If your supplying to others you will need to look into your countries laws as I know in the UK to be an ISP you have a lot of laws to follow. That is as far
  8. to be an ISP you need a backbone connection (usually £10000 a year + install costs from my research)
  9. Okay that is really strange. After about a week of it not working Its just deceided to work. Usually it will show that message or just put up an error message. Will keep you posted.
  10. Still not working right When i type Localhost or click it through WAMP server it just says Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to localhostDid you mean: localhost.­net Additional suggestions: Go to localho.­st Go to localhostr.­com Try reloading: localhost Search on Googl
  11. Okay so Dynamic it is. Yes I am working through PHP currently (reading only, not practice yet) for my Webmail form that I was on about for my other website. I know I will get totally stuck but I will get as far as I can before coming back for help. Thank you for everything so far Richard
  12. Okay I have been thinking. Coding my own site would be better and be more secure (no back end to hack, only my ftp) I will be needing a lot of help with the initial design and possibly on the menu layout. The main problem I see is going to be when its made, I will need to make a new page every time and this will mean editing every other page. (links etc) also formatting the site and adding pictures too. Before I start work this morning on the basic layout etc of the site, does anyone have any last offers of help on this . for example use Joomla and make a theme for that or something.
  13. I got myself a job working for the ambulance service so wont have time to do much coding after 1st October, Probably just the reviews so Im motivated by that. Also getting more companies to deal with is motivating me as well. Plus I think it looks c**pRichard
  14. Im not out to make any profit on a website. I just want my site to be seen more more users (I dont have google ads or anything generating income) So SEO optimising my other 2 sites I will get someone to look over when they are both fully live (one could take a year if my brother does not hurry up with his information) This Wordpress site www.madmercsairsoft.co.uk What would people suggest then for it. I basically write the review on word. then copy and paste that into the wordpress back end editor and have to then edit it to remove all the stupid spaces it puts in it, then I put the pictures
  15. Thats what I want to be with my sites, Oceans Costs of my review site: Host: about £2 a monthDomain : £6 a year Products:Some are free, some cost customs and excise, others I pay the full value which can be upto £400 Income from site: £0 I want it so companies come to me and say I want you to review my product, I want to be able to reach audiences that come back time and time again for technical help and reviews of new products. I have advert banners of the companies that send me items which balances out the item cost in an advert for them hence why now its starting to grow a little more again
  16. 2 sites I have got designed and just need to finish off and upload the site www.madmercsairsoft.co.uk is the one i need help with, how you mean value for the users?
  17. 3 sites i want to SEO optimise. 1st is Agricultural contracting2nd is My motorbike restoration3rd and the one im discussing here is reviews of products for Airsoft (a military simulation sport) - this is the one I want help with rebuilding and why I have a wordpress site atm because of the reviews are easier to publish than coding in manually each page.
  18. I think the crossing of the line it going to happen but I'm going to need some serious help over this. Can someone at least explain SEO optimisation, I have read online things but still struggle to understand how to implement it to make all my websites get more visits. Thank you niche for all your help, your support has pushed me to do more with my coding and started to look into PHP now too which is great to say im able to do.
  19. Ive been told wordpress is not the best to use and as stated it takes me ages to upload content since they updated the platform, adding content takes a lot longer than it used to. (for example, I used to be able to C+P from word to wordpress and it would all be formatted but now it leaves huge gaps between every line so I have to manually take the gap out, then paragraph everything) I was asking for either tips or advice on the following: 1. making a website where I upload the content all myself but enable it so formatting of the website (paragraphs etc are easier with maybe a small back end s
  20. Hello all, I posted earlier in this section asking for help to redevelop my website.After coding (to a degree) a successful looking website which will be going online within the next week or 2, I want to start on the other website. How ever, currently Im using Wordpress as my publishing platform for easier submission of content. Its terrible, I spend longer editing the post to look good than I used to (updated they did) and the theme looks terrible also. I want to make it look professional but have 0 (zero) expertise with making a theme or even a site that can be easily edited for content. Im
  21. Okay it seems to be working, PHP is all installed on wampserver and its online but still when i go to localhost or phpmyadmin it says missing link. Is that because I need to put the whole of my website into the www folder of Wampserver and then work with PHP as like a normal HTML page. I read the tutorial on installing PHP and it never mentions if you need all your own website on the server for it to work and wampserver mentions nothing either. I put the website on there anyway but didnt know if was in the right location. Also Im running it on a D drive instead of the regular C drive as C dri
  22. Got it to work now, comes up saying ForbiddenYou don't have permission to access / on this server. Is that because I have just installed PHP and nothing more?
  23. Hello all. Been away from working on my website for some time now but I have decieded now that I have a job which will start 1st October that I should get the site finished off. Im intending on coding a email form for the site but seem to be stuck installing and working with Wampserver and PHP-5.4.6. Wampserver says put PHP files into my \wamp\www location but when I do it does nothing and wampserver just stays offline and when going to localhost it goes oops nothing there on google chrome Please help as I know I need PHP installed before I can attempt to learn to code it. Its got to be someth
  24. thanks niche for that link, Installed it and now job for this weekend is to read the PHP tutorial, make a form I think is decent, test it, post here to get criticism and help and then celebrate a good achievement. If i fail then I have coaxsist link to fall back on. thank you again for a prod in the right direction. EDIT: If i am writing the code myself, do I have to download PHP from http://www.php.net/
  25. Does PHP need a server no matter what it is doing? The contact form is not going to be going to a database, just sending an email to my email which then I can respond to if needed I just dont want my email address spammed if i was to put it straight onto the site.
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