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  1. Hello, I want to write own MVC, I need some tutorials can anyone recommend me any tutorials website for learn OOP and MVC in this moment I have made this: bootstap.php class Bootstrap {function __construct() { if(isset($_GET['mod'])) { $mod = $_GET['mod']; } if(ctype_alnum(@$_GET['mod'])) { $mod = explode('/',$mod); } if(file_exists('system/modules/' . $mod[0] . '.php')) { require_once 'system/modules/' . $mod[0] . ".php"; } else { require_once 'system/modules/pagenotfound.php'; }}} Thank you
  2. GioBulia

    PHP to PDF

    I have utf8 and php read problem, can anyone help me?
  3. GioBulia

    PHP to PDF

    Yes, I looked ))
  4. GioBulia

    PHP to PDF

    I need HTML page convert to PDF Thank you
  5. GioBulia

    PHP to PDF

    Hello,I want to make PDF file from PHP,Can anyone help me? Thank you
  6. I'll reply PMI helpful your message and foresee it! Thank you
  7. I have little experience in php/mysql/javascriptNow I want learn more better. I'm interesting know anyone some training courses where I can learn?Most I'm interesting to go in european countries. Example course outline: Advanced PHP Techniques Developing Web Applications Advanced Database Concepts Security Techniques Basic Object-Oriented Programming Advanced Object-Oriented Programming Networking with PHP PHP and the Server PHP's Command-Line Interface Using PEAR Ajax XML and PHP Thank you
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