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    XSLT with Sum

    Oh dear. I just changed my element name to "NET_SALES" instead of "NET SALES" for the element I create with the stylesheet. So no spaces in element names appears to be the rule here! Back in business.
  2. david178

    XSLT with Sum

    Given this xml:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><dataroot> <Entry GLCategory="NET SALES">-474893.74</Entry> <Entry GLCategory="NET SALES">2764.57</Entry> <Entry GLCategory="VARIANCES">13068.06</Entry> <Entry GLCategory="VARIANCES">-851.18</Entry> <Entry GLCategory="MATERIAL">55273.86</Entry> <Entry GLCategory="MATERIAL">12791.22</Entry> <Entry GLCategory="LABOR">23159.81</Entry> <Entry GLCategory="OVERHEAD">134343.71</Entry> <Entry GLCategory="SELLING, GENERAL & ADMI
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