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  1. Hello everyone,I recently created a blog on tumblr to showcase video contributions for a project I launched. I was intending to have the videos loop once played and I am struggling. I looked online and found all the appropriate codes to create loops and although the videos obediently follow instructions when played in my browser they refuse to loop once I embed them in the blog.I am very new to HTML and was advised to "use the Plain Text Editor to create or edit advanced post embeds or to control element formatting via HTML" I really don't know what that means. My blog sits here: www.thenonresidents.tumblr.comand the first video in question is: Within the HTML editor for the theme I assume this is the relevant bit for me /* Video Entry Markup */ .video {width: 250px;margin: 0 0 10px -30px;{block:PermalinkPage}width: 500px;margin: 0;{/block:PermalinkPage}} /* End Video Entry Markup * Could someone please help me with the code and let me know just what I need to edit to allow the videos to loop.Thank you so much for your time.
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