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  1. hi thereI have a constants as name: FIXED_VAR,I defined it in the config.php file! (another file) define("FIXED_VAR", ""pre_); now, I define a class: class admins extends users{var $table_name=FIXED_VAR."admins";function ...} but I get an error: in line 3 these code works:var $table_name="admins";var $table_name=FIXED_VAR; but these code dosent work:var $table_name=FIXED_VAR."admins";var $table_name=$_session['type']; what's wrong? is there any solutions?
  2. hi there I define a fixed varibale like this define('CODE', '123'); echo "result ==> ".CODE; result ==> 123 it's ok...but when I store the CODE in mysql and then fetch it dosn't worki get just this result: result ==> CODEbut I want this result:result ==> 123 is there any way to do it?
  3. hi thereI have a sample php/mysql code function: function getDateName($_name,$_type) { $con = DB_CLASS::connect(); echo $_name; $sql="SELECT * FROM selects_table WHERE (input = '".$_name."' AND table = '".$_type."')"; $result = mysql_query($sql); //$i=0; $dname=null; while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $dname=$row['name']; //$i++; } DB_CLASS::disconnect($con); return $dname;} i sure rhe tables are correct and there are results.... but I get this error: Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a va
  4. I have 4 tables: table_1:Name id_table_1 value ---------|-----------------------|--------------------|----------------------DATA 5 book table_2:Name id_table_2 value Foreign_ id_table_1--------|--------------------|----------------------|-----------DATA 12 compueter 5 table_3:Name id_table_3 value Foreign_id_table_2---------|-------------------|-------------------------|----------------------------------DATA 14 programming 12 t
  5. tnx for answerwhy not "onblur" for input text? don't you think it's better than "onchange"? so is there any other way (for multi event)?
  6. hi dear frinds I have a tag like this: <input name="name1"> I wana add mutlti events for validation. this code works: <input name="name1" onchange="function1(arg1,arg2)" onclick="function1(arg1,arg2)" ?> but I think It does parallel Job and it is not normal. that code is true or is there a better way? in simple: I wana wirte Multiple events that call the same functiontnx
  7. hi there I want to transfer an external webpage (like a youtube page with all its objects like video,images,text,...) to a folder in my server (only with server and Without user browser ) is it possible? can sb give me some idea to do it? (when a user type an external url in my site, The server upload and bring that page into mysitelike an unti filter scripts)
  8. If I set value of action page "index.php?page=2" ....than how can I go index2.php page
  9. Hi there I trying to design a multi form pages...but in one of pages (index.php) I want to repeat that page ultimate... for example: I have in index.php some codes like this: [/left]<html><head><title>test</title><body><form action="index2.php"><DIV><P>PLEASE INTRUDUSE YOUR FRIENDS!</P><BR>First Name: <input name="fname" type="text" /><BR>Last Name: <input name="lname" type="text" /></div><input name="add" type="button" value="Go To index2.php" /><input name="add" type="button" value
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