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  1. Hi, Recently Microsoft announced about there new email service. Microsoft is up with a great idea of having a new email address for there users. They named it as Outlook. It has a great interface. The user interface is similar to that of new hotmail. The best thing is that there are no much account registered so you can get username as you like. Read more: http://bloggingfear.blogspot.com. will you guys still use gmail and other or switch to outlook image credit to zdnet.com and vosizneias.comtext credit to bloggingfear.blogspot.com
  2. Then i have a doubt. for example take this forum (hackforums.net) they do not allow guest view but there post are on google search. watch this screenshot
  3. i know about activating guest view. but i want only logged members to view the community i think you are right web crawlers can't find the content
  4. I think you should go with CMS. But there are other CMS better the drupal. I mean joomla. Joomla is a great CMS. If you are looking toward a club. then i thing you shouldn't go with this drupal, joomla etc. You better should go with forum softwares. There are free forum software like simple machine, phpBB etc.
  5. Hi Guyz., i thing ip board is nice as a paid forum software. I have a community running on ip board. I have a problem. the community site is restricted to guest. so only logged members can view the topic, reply etc.But there is a problem the site is not seem on search engine. is it because of this guest restriction. It is not a new forum site. it has about 50+ active members and I have configurated all other settings from admin panel Help me out
  6. I know about this. but only w3schools is enough for making a social networking site
  7. I am willing to create a social networking site. I am not very expert in programming language but i know a little. i want to learn more for creating a complete social networking site. therefore i need to learn more. Can anyone suggest me what should i learn and which programming and designing language trending now which will help me creating the site and i also want a good name with the availability of domian (for the social networking site)
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