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  1. I want to make a simple quiz that I can just update each month. Just a from with 20 questions and a text box for each answer that are all required.All I need is something simple but I am a complete newbie to web building!The answers just need to be emailed to one address.Can anyone help with some simple pointers?
  2. Ah Ha! I finally got it sorted out! there was a symbol layer behind the menu layer so I couldn't see it before!If you want to take a look it is here at www.electricity4free.co.ukNot bothered with the search box yet. That's for another day!
  3. I am still having problems with this. Can anyone help? I cannot make the buttons hyperlink even when using the actionscript.
  4. I did the on release and get url thing. I watched the flash tutorial videos and did everything exactly as he did.But when I did that I either came up with errors or it still made no difference. Strange?
  5. I have never used flash before as it has always been something I have not had time for but I downloaded 100's of templates and found some excellent ones which included some flash.I have watched the learn flash tutorials and read as much as possible and in just a day I have worked out most of what to do with the basics.What I am struggling with is the hyperlinks and how to add them to the flash. There are buttons already there so all I need is to add the url's but I absolutely keep coming unstuck!I have tried highlighting the button and going into action scripts and typing in the get url and putting in the url page in the inverted comma's which is what I thought would work after watching the videos but I am getting nowhere fast.Can anyone help me out please or is it time to go back to the boring html flat packed website building!The template is already uploaded and can be found HereThanks in advance.Jason.
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