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  1. Hi, I tried the attached HTML output for XML input but found only blank screen. So It would be more helpful if someone do the needful at the earliest. Refer attached XML and expected HTML output. Thanks in advance. Please excuse if i am incorrect forum. test2.xml test2_XSL_output.html
  2. Hi Martin Honnen, Thank you so much, It woks well. Is it possible to set the background color instead of foreground color (text color) for the superscript/subscript symbols? I am new to this forum and I don't know how to close the responded topic. Could you advise me? Thanks,Raja. S
  3. Thanks for the reply. I use XSLT 1.0 and i want to do transformation from XML to HTML (i.e Required output is .html).In the output HTML, Back ground color need to be added for the superscript/subscript symbol (i.e ⁴ or ₅) Example: the symbol ⁴ requires background color yellow in the HTML output. Note: superscript/subscript symbols shoud not be converted to either HTML/UNICODE entity and that should be retained as symbol with background color. Thanks,Raja. S
  4. Hello Friends, I am new to XSLT. So please advise anyone. My requirement is as follows: I want to find out an Non-ASCII characters (especially Superscript⁴ and Subscript₅ symbols) and replace with background color. Is it possible to handle this in XSL/XSLT? Snippet of the XML Code:--------------------------------<p>For the first three decades⁴ of the history<sup>3</sup> ...</p><p>However, the shock of deadly confrontations₅ with superior Japanese fighters ...</p> Thanks for your suggestion and help in advance. Regards,Raja. S
  5. Hello Friends, I am new (i.e learning) to XSL and this forum. I need some help from the XSL experts. My problem is: For the following snippet <italic> style (i.e <i>) not working when <italic> present within <title> or <subtitle> tags. But <italic> works when present in <p> tag. Kindly adivise what is the actual problem and how to solve this problem.Attached sample.xml, sample.xsl Example: 1 <title-group><label>Chapter Two</label><title>THE <italic>1920s</italic> TO THE 1950s:</title><subtitle>THE LONG R
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